Bags under my eyes, holes in her jeans, head in my hands, what have I just seen?
She's got earbuds in, dancing on the pole, on the tube,16 years old
My stomach turns, I look to my side. There is a creep enjoying his ride.
Either this world is sick, or I'm insane.
Whatever the case just get me off this train.

This is Bat-Shit Crazy!

Tea in my hands cigarette on her lips.
The server holds her empty jar of tips.
Her smoke is done, she rolls another,
A man from the corner shouts he loves her!
My eyes roll, I decide not to stay.
I see there are no cups for take away.
This city is ill, or I've lost my mind,
Whatever the case I'll leave it all behind.

This is Bat-Shit Crazy!
With no sign of any sudden change.
This is Bat-Shit Crazy!
It's time for me to run away.


from It Could Be So Much Worse, released June 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Los and the Deadlines London, UK

The seedy underbelly of any major city spawns some of the most depraved and morally reprehensible bastards that even the dregs of civilization look down upon. These cretins walk amongst us, they ask you for money, they serve you drinks, they file your taxes, and in this case; they formed a band. ... more

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