[march of the underpants gnomes]

"Only if you could make your friends happy.
That'd be too hard naturally you're not friendly.
That is okay not everyone likes everyone else.
Maybe some times keep your feelings all to yourself."

[voices from the heavens]

"It is too hard to accept that you're never enough.
Only advice that you take is life's tough.
Confidence is it's a thing that you never had.
Open your eyes look around this shit ain't that bad."

[voices from the heavens]

[fuzzy airplane]


[intoxicated string quartet]

"Moving far away should be your option number one."
When's the last time you remember having any fun?
Upon arrival think about all of your past mistakes.
Stop pissing people off calm down, god's sake."


"Can you believe he didn't respond to my PM?!"

"I can 'cuz he's stupid, I'm done with him anyway.
Is he serious posting those pictures?"

"Like I even.. like I even care! Like he even matters to me!"


"I can't believe it, the nerve of that prick. Who does he think he is anyway?! I'm fucking done with that asshole.
Just.. I don't care.. just.."


[electric lightning from the clouds]

"Open your eyes look around this shit ain't that bad."


from It Could Be So Much Worse, released June 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Los and the Deadlines London, UK

The seedy underbelly of any major city spawns some of the most depraved and morally reprehensible bastards that even the dregs of civilization look down upon. These cretins walk amongst us, they ask you for money, they serve you drinks, they file your taxes, and in this case; they formed a band. ... more

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